Universitatea Nationala de Arta Teatrala si Cinematografica "I.L. Caragiale"
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The CONCEPT academic journal was established in 2010 under the UNATC „I.L. Caragiale” Research Department, following the tradition of scientific publications within the Faculty of Theatre, but as a journal with a research and scientific publication methodology up to date with international standards and rigorous editing and peer-review. The journal relied from the beginning on an editorial team experienced in academic publishing (Prof. Adriana Marina Popovici, Associate Prof. Nicolae Mandea, Prof. Dan Vasiliu, Associate Prof. Carmen Stanciu, Associate Prof. Bogdana Darie, with the help of PhD Professor David Chambers from Yale School of Drama, Eric Trules - University of Southern California and Gary Schwartz - The Spolin Players), with Associate Prof. Mihaela Bețiu as editor-in-chief (with a solid previous experience as a member of the editorial team of the Atelier academic journal, as Director of the Research Department of UNATC, but also as an author of articles and research studies), a team permanently opened to the training and inclusion of new members, be they professors, doctoral, master students, or researchers.

The high professional level of the editorial staff ensured an uninterrupted biannual periodicity, the journal celebrating 10 years of activity in 2020. The main objective of the editorial board is to disseminate the results of scientific research conducted by professors and researchers from universities in the country and abroad. The journal aims to illustrate all the activities specific to the field, in all their variety and diversity, with a common ground on scientific research as the result of practical experience in the artistic field Theatre Performing Arts (but also supporting the publication of studies of researchers in Film and Media).

The structure of the journal is eloquent for the aspects of the activity of the Theatre (and Film) Schools that interested us, with the following permanent chapters:

1. Research – Chapter that brings together the most up to date studies and research in the field conducted by professors, doctoral students and researchers.
2. Interview – Interviews of exceptional documentary value, a support for current and future research in the field, representing the living history of UNATC, of the theatre and artistic environment.
3. Book Review – Reviews of specialized books, published by university professors from all over the country, textbooks, journals and anthologies of interest to researchers in the field.
4. Performance Review – Chapter with a remarkable documentary value, a mirror of MA and BA productions meant to promote graduate students.
5. Remember – Chapter that arose out of a sad necessity - the preservation of the memory of some great artists and pedagogues we have recently lost.
CONCEPT quickly consolidated its position as a prestigious academic publication, one of the few in the field of Theatre Performing Arts evaluated and recognized by CNCSIS in 2011 as category B, and indexed in CEEOL, SCIPIO and EBSCO.


CONCEPT academic journal (ISSN 2248-3756 / ISSN-L 2068-4444)
„I.L. Caragiale” National University of Theatre and Film
Matei Voievod 75-77, Sector 2, Bucharest 021452, Romania
Editor-in-chief: Associate Professor Mihaela BEŢIU, PhD (mihaela.betiu@unatc.ro)